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Looking for a window cleaner in Swindon and the surrounding areas that also does Oven cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Gutter cleaning and Pressure washing in one tidy package? Look no further

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Window Cleaning in Swindon, Wootton Bassett, Cricklade, Cirencester & many more

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The Whole Nine Yards


When I'm Cleaning Windows


Under Pressure


Oven Cleaning Swindon


Carpet Cleaning Swindon

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All our staff are trained in everything carpet cleaning, we once again use environmentally friendly chemicals, a selection of great machines and we will even move some of your bulkier items for you to a very clean carpet up to the edges.

Unlike a lot of Oven cleaning companies in Swindon we don't use caustic chemicals, as they are  not safe, environmentally damaging and cause quite a stench. Good old elbow grease is what is used along with Eco-friendly chemicals to get your oven up to a high standard and we will even give it a polish on the outside too.

Carrying out pressure washing in Swindon is some of our employees favorite things to do, as the before and after always speak for themselves. 
We use high quality machines, a range of attachments and adjustable pressure to suit every job.
We can even re-sand, this is brushing kiln dried sand into the gaps, your block paving or seal your decking for an extra cost to add longevity to your surfaces.

When we send our window cleaners in Swindon to a customer, we always make sure they give them a knock, a days notice if they require it and a friendly hello if we happen to come across anyone.
If anything ever comes up about the quality of the clean, only rarely happens on the first clean, we are back the next working day or that same day to rectify our mistake followed by an email or message to double make sure everything went well.

Conservatory roof cleaning is sometimes a challenge for our window cleaners in Swindon, this one above is one of the easier ones. When they have no access to the sides, or the roof extends behind towards the house, this is where things get interesting and the pole starts earning its length. All this in mind, we have never not been able to get to something before and always cleaned to a high standard.

We have had window cleaners in Swindon for the past 18 years. We have always been reliable, accommodating and reasonably priced, or darn right cheap when compared to others.
When cleaning your windows, frames and sills we use pure water and a soft to medium brush to gently clean everything to a high standard safely from the ground.


Gutter Cleaning Swindon


The Brick


The Claw

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Green Grass

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The time we were doing gutter cleaning in swindon and found fully grown turf in the gutters. As you can see our vacuum system had no trouble taking the entire piece out, including roots, to be replanted if you were really that in need of turf of course.

This is the attachment we had to fashion out of an original piece of gutter vacuum equipment and some tin snips while gutter cleaning in Swindon. 
The roof of the building was protruding so far over the gutters the gap we had to play with was around 2 cm, even ladders wouldn't have been any help in this situation. It was of course a little messy, but we managed to remove everything from the gutters and clean up nicely afterwards.

This is the brick we found while gutter cleaning in Swindon. Surprisingly, our wet vacuum was able to lift this out of the gutter and safely transport it to the ground with little effort on our side.
We also have a variety of attachments, if any stubborn debris is lodged anywhere or if a gutter only has a very small opening. We've even had to make our own attachment once with some powerful metal scissors to get the job done, showing our resourcefulness and dedication to the customer or a client in this case.

Gutter cleaning in swindon just got easier and more affordable with our gutter vacuum system. Before cleaning your gutters we use a powerful wet vacuum and camera system to remove all the moss, leaves and anything else in there, we have come across a fairly large and heavy brick before and not had an issue. 
We then move on to cleaning your gutters and fascia with a soft to medium brush designed to get into all the crevices along with a pure water to rinse.


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